No 47 Cathy Johnson’s Sketching Course

I have started Kathy Johnson’s Strathmore online watercolour sketching workshop last week and this is my first attempt here.  If anyone is interested this is really great – she has a lovely teaching style and gives loads of tips I hadn’t heard of along the way.

I hadn’t had much of a chance to paint this week. So I just had to have a go at a quickie – something I thought would be quick and easy – wrong! – maybe I should have left it till the next day.

This one was painted today while watching part 2 of  Kathy’s workshop and chatting with my friend. The trees are all her technique and the messy building is mine but it was fun. The tree trunks and linework on the tiles were scratched in with a pointed stick (end of brush).
Strathmore wc journal (of course) 26 x 19 cm – about 2 hour-ish!


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