No 52 Seagull

I’ve started another journal – this one is in an old recycled book – painting the pages with gesso and using gouache over that. Simply using it for experimenting and quick sketches in gouache – much to my husband’s disgust – why didn’t I buy a nice new book?? I think this is more fun for messing around.
Anyway a quick sketch from the WetCanvasWDE – pic by crispur. Watery gouache with ZIG millenium pen over.

This is Kay from a photo by Li in today’s WDE. I had already prepared several pages in my recycled book so I used one with Red Earth acrylic for this sketch. Black, white and red gouache. I haven’t done a lot of portraits so this is good practice.


2 thoughts on “No 52 Seagull

  1. I like the idea of recycling a book but it’s not wholly practical. Which book? Most, it would seem sacrilegious to.deface, but perhaps a loved book now in kindle. A discarded badly written book might affect the art – I’m not being whimsical as the art comes from one’s cognition.
    However the big thing is you have to break the spine to get flat pages.
    Anyway, I thought all your paintings fabulous.

  2. This is just an old gardening book (1950’s) with reasonably heavy paper, with a nice old fabric cover – and it opens reasonably flat without breaking the spine. I’m only painting on one side of the page so that is not a problem.
    Thanks for your nice comments.

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