No 80 Childs Portrait

This is my attempt at the challenge in the last Weekend Drawing Event to use only 3 colours. I chose Atelier Interactive acrylics – Permanent alizarine, french ultramarine and yellow ochre plus white of course but that’s not a colour  On grey mount board.

I’m enjoying having a go at portraits although I made this little cutie look a bit older than she really is.

Thanks to Dominic for the photo reference.


2 thoughts on “No 80 Childs Portrait

  1. What a cutie! I, too, have trouble making young children stay young. Have you tried portraits in watercolor a la Charles Reid? He uses cad red, raw sienna, and a touch of cerulean blue for a nice skin tone and rosy cheeks. The cad red is scary at first, but produces wonderful results.

    • Hi Ruth, This is still all a learning curve for me. My acrylic range is a bit limited – no cad red. Charles Reid’s portraits are magnificent – I haven’t attempted that style yet – but I will sometime. If I could just get a smidgeon of his style I would be one happy painter. Ros

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