No 91 River sketches


I’m so behind in posting here – getting caught up with life. We spent some time away in our van – a try out before our big trip. Came home to the flu for another week. Still not feeling too bright.
While we were away I managed to do just 2 little plein airs in my mini homemade journal. Hopefully I will get to do lots more of these on our travels and I can look back and see how much I have improved 

I did some reading while I wasn’t well. Found Liz Steel’s sketching blog and was inspired to try her quick sketching and limited palette of permanent rose, pthalo blue and cadmium yellow. I tried this out on a pic from the weekend. Thanks to Oty for the WDE images.
Take 1 – not too happy with this – but you can get good darks with this triad ………..and dark mud but at least I wet the brushes.

Strathmore WC journal about 15 x 10cm – 1 hour

Take 2 – found an old fountain pen with non waterproof indian ink – same colours. Interesting exercise doing the two – take 3 might turn out more like I envisaged – if I had the energy 

Arches 300g 19 x 13cm – 1 hour.






2 thoughts on “No 91 River sketches

  1. I hope you are feeling better soon! I really like the dry brush effects in the second try of the kayaker. It’s a good capture of the gesture, and the face is interesting without being spelled out.

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