118 Car sketches

It’s not that I am impatient but I hate to waste time  while waiting for my other half to look at hardware stores or chat to other blokes. I found a little notebook in the glove box of the car and an artline marker so I attempted some quick sketches. Pretty rough but I washed a little gouache over when I got home and it made them look a bit better.


A few days later I tried out a blue BIC ballpoint pen – same deal – gouache wash over at home. Actually makes them passable 🙂

biro sketch

So the brain started ticking again and I decided on yet another kit – something small and easy. I adapted an old video case (remember these?). It works as a mini easel as well as holding my little gouache palette (made up from an old rubber stamp tin),  pen, waterbrush, squares of paper towel and various clips to hold things in place. Those mini painting pads are hard to hold so I clipped the pad, paper towel and test paper to a plastic sheet cut to fit.

Viola!!!gouache kit

This mini is the first in a series of paintings I have started after reading an inspiring pastel blog by Karen Margulis where she embarked on 100 paintings of the same scene as a learning tool. I would like to do the same using gouache to try and learn what I can about the medium – but 100???? We’ll see.

mann river

No 1. – gouache – 7.5 x 9.5 cm

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