121 Strawberry Farm

Last Sunday was the inaugural meet of the local sketch club – well that’s what we are calling ourselves 🙂  Just two of us went to the old Strawberry Farm, the first farm established in Albany which is surrounded by gardens with lots of places to sketch. It turned pretty chilly by the time we finished so we were able to help ourselves to a hot chocolate at the “rooms” with a honour box for our $3.

Sketch turned out pretty ho hum and as usual the photo always seems to exaggerate the blue. In a nice little 11 x 15 cm sketch book with only cartridge paper but 150g so it does take a light wash.strawb hill

Another part of the garden is devoted to vegetable plots where local schools have a plot each. It would be nice to have an honour box here to so we could help ourselves to some fresh veg.strawb veg garden

Sketching WILL only get better the more you do – right?

And next week we WILL have more than two?

As an aside – I’m getting ready for an exhibition in an Art Trail, starting next week with a group of 4 other artists. Have all my framing done, well most of it, plus several matted and vac packed, and it was suggested that cards may also be a good way to go so today I visited the printer to do a small run of 6 different images onto cards. If they work out I might follow up with more later.

This was one I painted specially as a card but the others were from photos of past paintings.


Wish me luck that I sell at least something.


4 thoughts on “121 Strawberry Farm

    • Thanks Sarah – good to see your comment. I had a peek at Choppies adventures. Loved the wedding shot. We just visited France for my daughters wedding and her dog neighbour was there wearing a floral garland 🙂

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