122 Quick Pencil Portraits

Can’t think – brain dumb

inspiration won’t come

motivation’s out the door

procrastination’s here for sure!!

Does this ever happen to you? I had one of those days this week when I couldn’t get started doing anything and all my usual delaying tactics weren’t working either. Couldn’t even be bothered with housework or gardening so I sat and surfed looking at my favourite blogs for inspiration. There are some really great ones out there. I love watercolour, pastel and sketching blogs in particular.

Then I remembered one I had seen before my trip to Europe – David Rankin’s 5 minute Sketching Recipe for Faces here. He suggests starting with good straight on portrait photos to practice the recipe – and to look in hairdressing magazines because the photos are usually of a high standard, with good looking models and good lighting. I did a search on Pinterest and found lots of good images to start with there, just sketching straight from the computer screen. Nice hairstyles too 🙂

You are allowed to take your time while learning to get the formula right so these are longer than 5 minutes. About 30 minutes each for these.


And as I am a regular participant in Wetcanvas Weekend Drawing Challenge I used a couple of images from there posted by Valri Ary

 megan sketch spencer sketch

End of procrastination for a while – I hope. I will do this each time the condition strikes – ha!


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