123 Albany Boat Harbour

Week 2 of the sketch club and we doubled our numbers – now up to 4 

We met at the local fishing harbour on a rather warm and very windy spring day which helped the watercolour washes dry rather quickly and I also learnt some things about painting outdoors.

1. it is good to have more than one sketchbook with me so that I can work on another while the first is drying.

2. An elastic band is handy to keep pages flat while drying in the wind.

First sketch is in my little 11 x 15 cm Me Teintes sketchbook of a couple of boats. There were lots more there but I could only handle 2.

There is always a group of hungry pelicans near the fish cleaning station waiting for some scraps………waiting patiently but still moved too quickly for me. I’ll just have to learn to sketch faster.

123emu pointWhen we first arrived I washed a few colours randomly on a page of my other book – a Strathmore watercolour journal. I let that dry while I worked on the first sketches. When I finished those I faced the opposite direction to sketch the fish and chip shop on top of the wash. Unfortunately a couple of cars came and parked blocking my view….bummer!

 123squid shack

Next week another location – maybe. Our Art Trail exhibition starts on Saturday so time and weather permitting we may be able to sketch outside the venue.


2 thoughts on “123 Albany Boat Harbour

  1. Love those pelicans. We don’t get such exotic things round here. You’re so right about elastic bands holding things down too. I am now the proud owner of an extensive collection of bulldog clips that hold everything from pages to pencils to water jars.

    I hope the sketch club numbers keep up.

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