124 Albany Plein Air

How to make the best use of time.

I have been gallery sitting this week for the exhibition that I am part of. Very slow going, not a lot of traffic today, but I was prepared with my little journal, waterbrush and mini palette. It was a beautiful spring day so I sat on the verandah and sketched the view with no interruptions.

The exhibition is being held in a hall opposite the city on the other side of the harbour. A bit off the beaten track but it has a lovely outlook.

little grove

The view.


This little journal is becoming my favourite – at the present time at least. If it had watercolour pages instead of  cartridge it would be perfect. It is nice and small 11 x 15 cm or 4 x 6 inches, easy to hold along with my palette and doesn’t feel as daunting as a larger format. When I feel more confident with this outdoor sketching lark I might graduate to a larger size.

Last weekend the weather wasn’t suitable for working outdoors so I tried something different – water colour pencils and a waterbrush so I wouldn’t make too much mess while working in my lap. 

 fields of gold

Photo ref courtesy oldrockchick

 for WetCanvas 2 hour weekend drawing challenge.


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