127 Gouache portrait

I decided to try a portrait for the last WDE on Wetcanvas and wanted to experiment with gouache on canvas over an acrylic base – a new experience for me. I was surprised how easily the gouache painted over the acrylic. I had used gesso as a base before and found that it seems to repel the gouache initially but not in this case.

Initial sketch with brown gouache. I had intended to change to acrylic after this – even got the colours and palette organised Initial sketch with brown gouache about 20 mins. 

gene1 I had intended to change to acrylic after this but it seemed to be going ok so I continued with gouache. Initial blocking in with a 3/4 flat brush.gene2 A bit more work and background added. gene3

Bit of colour variation due to nightime photos but today I photographed it in daylight, mounted it onto adhesive foam core and sprayed with matt varnish eliminating the need to frame gouache under glass.


About 23 x 24 cm. It’s not a great likeness but I enjoyed the experiment. I will try this again.


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