128 Sketches from Spain

I’m still around and painting, just not posting.

This is a work in progress that I started a couple of weeks ago and it is still a work in progress sadly. Sitting there looking at me each time I go into my painting room…. grrr. The trouble is that it is acrylic – and huge for me 120 x 40cm.  I haven’t painted in acrylic for a long time and it is taking me a while. I scribbled over some places with pastel to work out some direction.

But it will be a peace offering to my hub who wants a large landscape and complains that I always give away my decent stuff. Its from a photo of one of the places we visited on one of our trips around Oz.river2

I think it will have to sit for a while because I am doing an online spontaneous sketching course with Liz Steel. I won’t bore you with the homework sketches but you can see them on my Flickr page if you are interested.

 I think I really prefer watercolour or gouache, doing this sort of sketchbook stuff, or maybe it is just that I am sick of the big one.

16 nov sketch

This little one is from WetCanvas – photos courtesy of sundiver.

Watercolour Journal 21 x 14cm


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