130 SketchingNow course and new journal

I have been busy for the last few weeks as I have enrolled in an online sketching class with Liz Steel. This is a super class about spontaneous sketching. I wanted to do this specifically to speed up my sketching, and get over my phobia of sketching in public.

Liz is very thorough with excellent instructions, videos and feedback and has a huge following, mainly via the Flickr site. That site is available only to members but you can follow individuals on their personal pages…….if they have one.

You can see all my homework here.

I have included a couple of my pages below – the first is from Week 1 getting to know and love your materials.

1fWeek 2 was about edges – blind contour drawing and outlines but I won’t bore you with those.

Week 3 covered shapes – abstract, negative and silhoutte. 3b.1 copyI’m up to week 4 now. This week we will be covering volume.

It’s fun doing this course and good to keep everything in a sketchbook to look back on at a later date. It’s also nice to make new online friends too. I met up with a fairly local member last week. We had a sketching day together and she subsequently came around and taught me how to make my own case bound? journal with good watercolour paper. I didn’t have all the right equipment but we improvised and finished up with this.

new journal

The cover was white linen from my old material stash which I painted with red acrylic paint, then varnished for a bit of protection.

When it was finished I had to give it a go, painting the flowers that margaret also brought along with her. What a day, flowers, fun, talk AND a new journal : )lilliumsWatercolour – Arches 300g – 19 x 28cm


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