134 Christmas tree and Vegetables still life

More catchup. It has been a rather busy time of the year and posting here has slipped to the bottom of the pile.

I have just caught up with my homework for Liz Steel’s Sketching course, going out to sketch a decorated tree in town and a little one inside at home. I am much more comfortable drawing and sketching in the comfort of my ‘studio’,  (well, painting room) than I am sitting on the grass contending with the wind and weather. But this is where the course is good for me, taking me out of my comfort zone. I hope that I can feel comfortable enough soon to be able to sketch and paint oblivious to all that, and be happy with my result. But as they say it’s not the destination but the journey that gives the greatest pleasure sometimes.

First my indoor exercise, a little wooden tree with lots of fiddly bits that I really spent too much time on.

7atree Then the outdoor tree.  It was quite fun sitting out in the park with my sketching buddy, and yes that’s my little car parked on the street.7b tree

Both of these were done on in a cartridge paper journal. It really isn’t satisfactory for watercolour but I thought that I will just use this for a warm up sketch then do a proper one, but it doesn’t seem to happen that way.

Today I had a quiet day at work and was able to do one in between interruptions (work!) 
still lifePainted on Fabriano Studio 300g paper which is only a little better than cartridge.

This was from the WetCanvas Weekend 2 hour challenge – photo kindly supplied by misswiss.


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