135 Typewriter Treasure

I can show you these now – my other projects I made for Christmas gifts. Some of the recipients are readers of my blog so I didn’t show them earlier as I wanted it them be a surprise.

I enjoyed making these journals much more than running around hunting in shops for gifts.


And a quick little sketch I did a couple of weeks ago for the WetCanvas 2 hour drawing challenge.rose sketch It’s in a sketchbook I made a while ago of my unfavourite Fabriano studio paper. Just using this stuff up while still clocking up sketching miles.

The typewriter sketch below is an additional homework exercise for my SketchingNow class. It’s an old treasure my daughter unearthed today while cleaning out her stuff in storage, but packed away again until she finally settles in a home of her own.

typewriterStaedtler Soluble Fineliner Pen with watercolour over in a Strathmore Watercolour Journal.


4 thoughts on “135 Typewriter Treasure

    • Thanks Michele. I stitched and case bound them. Margaret Mee from SKN course showed me how when she was in town. It’s actually quite easy. I was always daunted by the instructions when I saw them previously. I could show you if you were here : )

      The typewriter was actually quite quick using Liz’s wc pencil setup lines. Then scribbled in the keys. I started counting the keys and decided that no one else would so just ad libbed – don’t know if they are correct. Then a fairly quick wash over the lot avoiding the keys.

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