137 Sketching Now class and Gouache portrait

Week 8 of Sketching Now class was about balancing line and colour. The first exercise was about trying to depict texture in an item of clothing. I sketched a rough outline before painting the texture of the jacket and applying shading. I actually didn’t do a lot of line in my exercises as I decided I preferred it without. The first attempt was on Arches cold press 300g paper which took quite a while to dry, which slows me down and isn’t good for quick sketches.jacket1

The second attempt was much quicker, a fraction of the time it took me to do the first. Once again a quick sketch with watercolour pencil, then scribbled the pattern with watercolour, followed by a blue fineliner pen. Much more fun!!!! Painted on 150g cartridge paper which I think dries a lot faster than the heavier Arches which helps speed up the process.jacket2

And now for something completely different, not quite a spontaneous sketch but still fun. This was painted for the Weekend 2 hour challenge on WetCanvas. Photo reference kindly provided by oldrockchick.

daveGouache on grey tinted paper in Strathmore watercolour journal.


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