138 Sketching Now class 10

Sorry for neglecting my blog. I’m still sketching and painting and when I’m not doing that I’m thinking about sketching or painting or reading about it.

Sketching Now online course has only 2 weeks to go. I have enjoyed it immensely, the content, homework and the online interaction with others. Not to mention that it has made me venture out into the great outdoors, even though the first few weeks were done from the comfort of my car.

Last weeks exercise was to find a focus in a mall, street or park. I’m not sure I was successful in finding the focus but hey, it is a sketch on site, with watercolour, pencils and ink on plain old cartridge paper.


If you want to see all my homework exercises you can see them on my Flickr site. Just click on the Sketching Now Class album.

The next ones are from last weekends challenge on WetCanvas, photos courtesy of scattycat. One neat and tidy sketch and one messy : )cuppateaCanson Montval 300g paper

I wanted to try my hand at sketching with a dip pen and ink for this next one, but gave up a short way into the sketch, and reverted to my waterbrush and watercolour. I would like to be braver with the dip pen but I always chicken out!! Maybe next time.

facecopyOn some old glossy paper in about 15 – 20 minutes. I think it has possibilties as I quite like the looseness of the hair. Just wish I could do more of that.


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