139 Gouache Figure and Sketching Now class 11

This week I decided to get out the gouache again just for fun.

I started with an Opera Rose brush sketch – just because I love that colour, had a new unused tube and it was the perfect colour for the scarf.

This is in my A4 Strathmore Watercolour Journal. Just under 2 hours so far and I stopped at that point because I was starting to fiddle.

girl sketch3Painted for the 2 hour challenge on WetCanvas – photo ref by jloren.

BTW, I started a Portrait Paint-a-long thread over on WetCanvas in the Gouache Corner here. I’d love it if anyone wants to come and join in – portraits, people or animals, figures or anything else.

And I’m still diligently doing my sketching homework. This weeks prompts were a sketch inside a room at home with a focus on a piece of furniture and to try and leave lots of white. My initial focus was the TV unit but shifted to the view outside. Then the cat came and plopped down in front so he was included too : )11b The public prompt was to do a sketch in a cafe of the counter. I got a bit carried away and included the tables and stools as well………. one of my problems, losing focus. It was a first for me, being a bit of an introvert, sketching in a public place, way out of my comfort zone. It is different when you are in a class situation or with another sketcher but I felt a bit of an odd ball out there. 11cNext week is the last session of the sketching course. I hope I can keep up the momentum without the regular weekly prompt


2 thoughts on “139 Gouache Figure and Sketching Now class 11

  1. Love all your paintings. The woman is great. I love opera rose too! I would kill for that living room with that view! Amazing. and good for you for sketching in a cafe. I’m always uncomfortable with that too.

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