142 French Bike and Head Cases

I’m still catching up on sketches in my Moleskine travel journal from my trip last year. Shame I don’t do them on the spot but I only managed a few at the time. This is an experiment with gouache, trying (and failing!) to do a quick sketch. But it was fun remembering our time in beautiful Chamonix.

rps20150315_110523_936Then I fiddled around with some head cases. Love that expression. I watched a video on YouTube by Janet Rogers and that’s what she referred to her studies rather than portraits. It takes the pressure off trying to get an accurate likeness and just have fun with the process.

So this is just playing and having fun with different pigments in a plain old cartridge paper sketchbook. If I was more serious I would use serious watercolour paper : )

Thanks to Expressive Angie for supplying the image for the 2 hour challenge on Wetcanvas. This looks nothing like the photo lol.


Head case – Take 1


Head case – Take 2

This one maybe has a slight resemblance : )


2 thoughts on “142 French Bike and Head Cases

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I love when that happens and I’m introduced to a new sketch blogger. I enjoy your sketches too. The bike is wonderful and the head cases (good terminology :)) have a great use of color!

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