147 Road Trip

A road trip to the city for us entails nearly 5 hours of travel each way. Just after we moved to the country the trip seemed endless but each time we travel now it doesn’t seem quite so long. But it is a bit boring.  I have seen many sites where people have sketched and painted while travelling with great results. This time I thought I would have a go at passenger seat sketching. It shouldnt be too hard??

Well it was quite fun, passed the time quite quickly, sped up my observation skills BUT I discovered that I am rubbish at it. I can manage a passable sketch if the subject is not moving, I am not moving, the light isn’t changing, etc and endless other excuses : )

First was a quick little ink sketch with watercolour pencils, then the remainder were watercolour over ink. All are about a credit card size and a few minutes each.

The road was bumpy!! The sketches are bumpy!! DSCF4420

road works DSCF4422 This next one was a quick road stop sitting beside the road having a cuppa. DSCF4424Back in the car. DSCF4426

I had a bit more time for this next sketch. I was able to sit under the shade of a tree and take my time to capture this rustic old tank stand. Sketched with a Staedtler Triplus brown fineliner pen and watercolour.tank stand
All in all a fun day sketching with mixed results, and the time in the car and waiting around was made much more enjoyable.


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