150 Line and Colour

I’m trying to do some sort of sketching each day. Somedays I succeed, somedays I don’t.

Today I attempted an almost continuous single line drawing directly in ink as an exercise in observation and hand eye coordination.

The first sketch I used a Lamy Joy fountain pen with a bit of watercolour.


I tried a calligraphy pen for the next one.


As I had made a blob of watercolour on the page and still had some fresh pigment on the palette I messed around with the blob, just because I love watching what watercolour does. This was only on a page in a cartridge journal and not real watercolour paper but it still worked in a way.



4 thoughts on “150 Line and Colour

  1. What a fun idea, this continuous line worked so well for the line of tables and figures. I particularly love the bold line of the calligraphy pen. The watercolour is wonderful too, great skintones in there and you get a sense of the character even with the incredibly loose way of applying colour!

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