156 EDIM

EVERY DAY IN MAY. I am a newcomer to this group art challenge which has been running for several years. Why have I only just discovered it? Maybe it is because I am obsessed with sketching lately and search out forums, classes and blogs related to sketching and journals. I even joined facebook after resisting it for years so that I could participate in the Artists Journal Workshop group. This is a great forum, although it is very large with lots of activity, which I find a little difficult to keep up with.

I would like to think that I can keep up with the daily sketch prompt for EDIM but its ok if I miss a day here and there. No pressure! A list is provided with prompts for each day and participants are encouraged to post on the Facebook page –  https://m.facebook.com/groups/edmeverydayinmay/ or Flickr – https://www.flickr.com/groups/edmeverydayinmay2011/

I will be using the sketches as a way to try different techniques and maybe media, getting inspiration from others posting on the forum and shamelessly trying to copy styles of some of my painting heros.

Just for starters Day 1 and 2 sketching with just watercolour on Saunders cold press 300g paper.rps20150502_180243_621


6 thoughts on “156 EDIM

  1. Good luck with your EDIM challenge. You’re off t a good start. The orange looks delicious. I really like the color blue in the background. And the tree is beautiful too. You should sit by the tree and eat that orange. 🙂

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