157 EDIM #3 and Hawk

Nothing like a challenge to motivate me. Two sketches in one day!

I think I really prefer sketching in a journal just for fun, rather than trying to make “paintings” for exhibition and sale. In a previous life I painted for a living, mainly floral decorator items for a tourist market, taught decorative art and published two art instruction books. You can see my previous work at http://rosjenke.tumblr.com/

I worked hard and made a good living (for an artist 😊). But when I sold my business and moved away from the city I stopped painting for several years. About 4 years ago I discovered the online painting forum Wetcanvas.com and the weekend challenges provided motivation for me to try different techniques, subjects and mediums. From there I discovered the world of blogging and became an avid reader of many blogs – all art related of course. Liz Steel ‘s blog tempted me to sign up for her Sketching Foundations course and from there I discovered Flickr and Cathy Johnson’s Artists Journal Workshop facebook group and Every Day in May facebook group.

What I love about these sites is the interaction and immediate feedback you get when posting a sketch. It sure beats the hassle of painting a maybe saleable work of art, getting it framed, putting it in a gallery or exhibition in the hope that you might sell it and hope to at least cover costs. It’s nice to have people admire your work in person but sales are hard to come by. Maybe I was spoiled when I could just whip out my decorator items and be guaranteed of good sales the same week.

So for now I get my kicks sharing my work online and hope that viewers get a kick too.

Wow, I think this is the longest post I have written. I’m much better at painting than I am at writing. Anyway, here are my 2 for today. Firstly my EDIM No 3 Curtains.


and this week’s Wetcanvas 2 hour challenge.



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