160 Gunk and Stuff

A productive day today. I forgot that I had signed up for a Strathmore online workshop with Patti Mollica. I have always admired her use colour and bold brushwork so I decided to give it a go.

I found my old acrylics – not the heavy body type that she uses, and a 1″ acrylic brush – she uses a 2″. I really don’t want to go out and buy more art supplies, just need to try and use up what I have. So what the heck, just give it a go.

Her method is really quick, especially if you had the right supplies, but even so each painting took less than 1 hour. Pretty fast for me.

This is my painting from the workshop video, with just 4 colours.


As I had a palette of leftover paint I thought I’d do another. This still life was from the Wetcanvas 2 hour challenge, photo supplied by jloren.


I cleaned the acrylics away and seeing there was nothing worth watching on TV came back into my painting room and did my daily sketch for EDIM. Something with an interesting label. Another treasure from “THE SHED”.


3 thoughts on “160 Gunk and Stuff

  1. I love your blog – but tell me please how do you find out about all these events “paint every day in May” for example .. . ..

    1. Thanks Theresa. I initially started with Wetcanvas.com, looked and followed some blogs. Liz Steels sketching course motivated me a lot. If you look up EDIM Every Day in May on Facebook you should find it. There is a flickr.com group as well.

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