161 Light bulb and Hat

My Every Day in May sketches are proving not to be every day. I am not really a daily sketcher,  I’m much too haphazard for that and not disciplined enough. I would like to think that I can discipline myself to get into the habit but, some days I’m just not inspired and then it becomes a chore.

Yesterday was like that, maybe a result of Saturdays three paintings 😊 so today I caught up. Day 10 prompt was for something you can turn off – I thought that I would do a quickie sketch of a light bulb, but it turned out not a quickie, because I found out I didn’t know how to paint glass.

2015-05-11 16.24.22

After faffing around with that for too long I decided that I WOULD do a quickie. And it worked, sometimes I just try too hard and then when I don’t really give a damp things turn out better.

# 11 A hat or caprps20150511_174618_799


4 thoughts on “161 Light bulb and Hat

  1. They’re both beautiful! Not that I’m saying anything new there.

    I know what you mean about feeling like it’s a chore when you’re uninspired. I’ve been pondering that concept myself.

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