162 Rooster, Brush, Stairs and Glasses

I have a few pics today. A bit of a back log. I have been doing my EDIM sketches daily, well almost, but now I have caught up to #14 on the 14th.

First is my acrylic rooster painting from the Strathmore online workshop with Patti Mollica, still trying to master using one brush. It is a challenge but I always like a challenge.rps20150514_212634_879

The prompt for the Every Day in May #12 was for stairs or steps. I painted this in my Canson Montval journal, just to see how it compares with the Saunders paper I have been using for these sketches. I think I prefer it to the Saunders which I find is too slow drying for this quick sketchy style of painting, and the colours don’t seem quite as vibrant.rps20150514_212709_220

Day 13 prompt was for the last item you bought. Surprise that it just happened to be a paintbrush. Funny how art supplies just seem to jump into the shopping bag. I thought this brush looked pretty good for gouache. This is back to Saunders paper.rps20150514_212739_917

Day 14 was something you use each day. Lots of mundane things came to mind, but something I just couldn’t do without is my glasses. I probably wouldn’t be able to use most of the other stuff without themrps20150514_212808_234


4 thoughts on “162 Rooster, Brush, Stairs and Glasses

    • Thanks again Carol. The rooster was fun even if it wasnt easy. I’ll try some more with that technique. I even bought yet another new paintbrush today specially for it.

    • Thanks. It’s a Monte Marte brush, bought at a local craft store. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. Maybe tomorrow, along the the newer one I bought today.

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