165 Cupcake Wallet and Pears

 Every Day in May sketches again. Yesterday’s prompt was for a cupcake. No cupcakes in my house…….. I don’t really even like them but they do look good. Rather than google a cupcake to paint I cheated and posted one I had done some time ago. I just didn’t feel like sketching one yesterday.

This was done in a Strathmore watercolour visual journal with brown tombow marker and watercolour.rps20150520_164249_721

#20 – Your wallet.

I love this wallet after having a plain old black one that was almost impossible to see on black seat covers in a dark garage. It’s much easier to spot than my old one.rps20150520_164315_675

This morning I checked in the Strathmore online workshop for lesson 3. Pears! Its aways great to paint pears and it was another great lesson in limited brush strokes with one brush. I did manage to find a new  1 1/2″ brush and used it on this.



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