166 Every Day in May Sketches

Ya, I’m behind with posting again. That’s what happens when go you away for a few days. I have sort of been keeping up with my sketches though so I have a back log to post. All are done in my Saunders cold pressed watercolour paper journal.

May 21 – Favourite place to sit and read.


May 22 – Something attached to a wall.

This is a hand me down from my mother in law from her German homeland.


May 23 – An interesting detail on a building.

This was from one of the most ancient and highly decorated temples in Bangkok.


May 24 – Some keys.

I just have a bunch of boring old keys so I googled some images.


May 25 – Something worn for messy activities. I’m usually pretty clean when painting watercolours but I need my shirt when I paint with acrylics or pastel.


May 26 – A sign.

I had no inspiration for a sign at all so I googled again and found some hilarious signs. Many not fit for viewing though but this one made me smile.



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