167 Roos, Buddha and Booze

Every Day in May # 27. Something furry.
Not a great painting but I’m posting all of the months sketches, warts and all. This is from a photo I took earlier this year. I would have had more fun painting my very furry cat instead of laboring over this one.


# 28 A statue or garden ornament. These last two were painted in my Saunders cold press journal. I haven’t made friends with this paper yet so I will be happy to finish it up.


# 29 A tap.  All the taps around the house seemed pretty boring and I was trying to think of something a little more interesting. Then I remembered the wine barrel that lives on the drinks unit. It had a tap. This was painted in my cartridge paper journal, and  although it takes limited washes it certainly speeds up the process. Much more fun.


I’m posting this via the WordPress app. I did an upgrade on my tablet and then couldn’t find my way around the settings on the browser. This was easier. Let me know if it looks any different to you.


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