168 Birds, big and small.

The last of my Every Day in May sketches. No 30 – Bird house.

No bird houses around here so I painted from a photo I took while we were caravanning round Australia.  We were camped near a large eucalyptus tree with the perfect nesting hole. Parrots love the hollows in these trees, which unfortunately are becoming harder to find due to land clearing for farming and urban sprawl. This ring neck parrot is commonly called a “twenty eight” because thats what their call sounds like! The introduced Rainbow Lorikeet, while being a beautiful native bird from the east coast of Australia, has become a feral pest and bullies the poor 28s driving them out of the hollows.


No 31 – Eggs.
Just as well it is the last sketch for the month as I am starting to run out of ideas.  I just couldn’t face painting a carton of eggs from the fridge so I found some more interesting ones. Poor old dad emu is left looking after the brood after mum has done her job and flitted off. A little more of a light hearted sketch to finish the month.



4 thoughts on “168 Birds, big and small.

  1. We like emus here as they are real character birds. They can be a problem in some places where they know they can steal a snack but that’s pretty rare.

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