169 More sketches

I finished Every Day in May and I thought I would have a break from sketching. No more feeling obliged to do that daily sketch even if I didn’t feel inspired. But …….. I missed it.

So I joined in with the June facebook group, but I’m not committing to every day, just when the mood strikes. I’m aiming for quick 20 minute sketches using a sketchbook not really suitable for watercolour. Its all about getting extra miles on the pen and brush so I’m using up what is on hand. I won’t subject you to all of those sketches, just the occasional one. Like this one. The prompt was music.

2015-06-03 08.25.03


Back to acrylics. This was the final lesson in Patti Mollica’s Strathmore online tutorial using a photo from the weekend challenge on Wetcanvas.

The photo was a farm scene in southern Queensland provided by Aussie sketcher.

2015-05-31 17.52.09


36 x 30 cm on gessoed watercolour paper


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