170 Japan and Jock


A super quick sketch for this week’s 2 hour challenge on Wetcanvas. I’m trying to speed up sketches of people. I can manage ok when it’s from a photo and I’m in the comfort of my studio but it’s a whole new ball game outside. So I figure I need all the practice I can get, so photos it is until I feel confident enough to tackle the real thing.
The children looked a bit lost on their own so I added some more sketches to fill the page. Thanks to Dewi for the photos of her trip to Japan.


This page is in a Strathmore Bristol Vellum sketchbook which isn’t really suitable for  watercolour but I’m just using  it up.

Another little sketch for the June daily challenge is from a photo of my wee boy Jock, sadly no longer with us.  He used to sit like this all the time, such a character.


On cheapskate paper  again as you can see by the wrinkles in the paper. As I am only painting on one side of the paper in this journal I discovered  a way to overcome the wrinkling. Using a water mister on the wrong side of the paper, placing a piece of clean cotton fabric over that, close the book and weighing it down overnight the paper flattens out rather well.


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