171 Junk Sketchbook


I thought I’d share my junk journal. I picked up this leather planning file at a flea market for $5, knowing it was a bargain but not knowing quite what I would use it for. On tidying up my junk room studio I found a stack of sketches on junk paper. I didn’t want to toss them out and thought that this would be a good way to keep a record of my scribbles and experiments. Quite often an experiment turns out much better than the “proper” painting, so it might come in handy for future reference. The top piece of card is used as a template for certain sizes and is useful for sizing the scraps to fit the journal.
A lot of the pages are the back of rejected watercolours and are perfectly good to mess around on. I pasted kraft paper over the offending page or area to use for other sketches.

Also – a couple of brush sketches for the June facebook sketching forum. The first prompt was “Dance”. As I like painting animals I wanted to do something along that line and thought of the brolga from Northern Australia and their exuberant  courting dance.


The next prompt was “Leave it alone”. I was stumped for this one but decided to paint the rhino after hearing about it on the news. Very sad to hear that there is only one male northern white rhino left after poachers have killed over 1200 rhinos in the last year. This poor animal is now under 24 hour guard by loving soldiers and has just recently had his horn removed to deter poachers.


See why I like to keep my junk sketches. I think the little one of the rhino on the junk page was more successful than this one.


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