173 Shoes, Gate and a Flower

Still sketching! A couple from the June facebook group. I’m doing almost daily sketches when life doesn’t get in the way.

This was my sketch for “Shoes”. A super quick one before I went to bed last night. I figured that if it wasn’t quick it wouldn’t happen. Nice paper of unknown origin.


The same for today. I did this one in my not so good journal. You can see the difference in the paper quality, but I’m using up journals on hand now.



And tonight when I went into my studio to clean my mess up, I got sidetracked as usual. I found this little journal I made from Strathmore Toned paper with a rather sad attempt at a flower in gouache. So I faffed around with it for a while and finished it off. The studio is still a mess though : (



10 thoughts on “173 Shoes, Gate and a Flower

    • It is a public group with a daily prompt and anyone can join. Just search facebook for Every Day in June. There are lots of other every day groups so you might have to scroll down to find it.

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