178 Sweet Puppy


Another silly sketch. This was my take on “sweet” which created a bit of interest on the June sketch facebook page. A birthday party in Australia wouldn’t be complete without fairy bread, but seems it wasn’t known in other countries. Such a culinary delight, it is simply white bread, spread with butter and sprinkled with 100s  and 1000s. Crunchy and sweet!
Apparently a version was made in Holland with real chocolate sprinkles.
It’s amusing to see the impression some of these quick sketches make. My last post of the can of worms was picked up on Flickr Explore and has almost 10000 views and 100 faves. Who knows how and why?

I didn’t manage to keep up a daily sketch for June. I tried but it just didn’t happen, other things got in the way. Like Arfie. Arfie is my fur grandchild. I painted her portrait for my son as a gift but couldn’t post it here till I had given it to him.  Isn’t she sweet?



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