179 Coastal Scene and City Sketch

This is my second  sketch following  Shari Blaukopf’s landscape tutorial on Craftsy. I love her painting and she makes it look so easy. Deceptive these teachers are. It’s not easy but I have learned so much from her lessons. Shari is great with her feedback too, pointing out that the composition could be improved by omitting the shrub on the left. She is right of course. Simplification is the key, I just have to put it into practise. My reference was from a photo posted by Valri for the 2 hour weekend challenge on Wetcanvas.
Micron fine liner and watercolour on Bockingford paper.


I’m not very experienced with urban sketching, as I mostly sketch from photos and I’m a bit of a wimp outdoors. But I’m in the city for a month and yesterday I tried my new little kit and sketched the view from the balcony looking towards the city. Hopefully I can meet up with some local sketchers while I am here.
Staedtler triplus brown fineliner and watercolour in Strathmore mixed media journal.



14 thoughts on “179 Coastal Scene and City Sketch

  1. These are really beautiful. I just started the class and find it really insightful.

    The outdoor painting is challenging, it’s definitely not in my comfort zone either.

  2. Hi Ros, I’m watching Shari’s class as well. I find it a bit hard to follow since she doesn’t continually show the photo she is referencing and appears to re-paints the same image over and over, not just once. She seems to focus less on seeing what is before her and more on techniques to make it look good. I prefer Liz Steel’s teaching methods. Also, I don’t agree that your painting would be better without the bush on the left. I like how your bushes hug the focal trees. All the best, Heather

    • Thanks Heather for your thoughtful comments. I think she uses the photo as inspiration only, just a Jumpstart to making a painting. I agree that it would have been nice to see a different scene painted but I think her point was to convey how you can get a different mood and atmosphere by changing the palette. I really liked to see how she loaded her brushes and the water/colour ratio, as so many videos don’t show that.

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