180 River Scene and Urban Sketching

Another attempt at a landscape still trying to follow Shari’s tutorial on Craftsy. I used a reference photo by Marie Thomas for the 2 hour challenge on Wetcanvas. Try as I might I still can’t get the effortless look I so admire in her work, but I hope I am slowly improving. I’ll just keep on trying : )


River scene – Bockingford 300 gsm paper 25 x 19 cm.
This landscape was painted with my new Winsor and Newton palette, found while browsing in an art store I hadn’t visited before. It was on special and even though I don’t know that I will actually use all these colours I love the long palette.  A new brush, pen and sketchbook just happened to fall into the basket too. This sketch was a try out the of the new colours in my new Draw and Wash sketchbook.


While in the city I am able to do a little sketching. This tree was in a very large park in the metro area. Lots to do here and it has a huge dog exercise area too 🙂 Great for little Arfie.


It’s also been great to be able to meet up with some local sketchers. The plan was to meet at a local historic house for some outdoor sketching but wet weather forced us indoors. First, a cafe sketch.


Then on to the Belgium Bar and Cafe for another sketch and lunch.


On Sunday I met with Evelyn, a keen urban sketcher who does some wonderful people contour sketches. It was another wet day so I tried the view across the street while sitting in the shelter of the awning. It wasnt too long before the awnings were lowered because the rain was increasing. So I turned around and did a contour sketch of an old geezer at one of the tables



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