181 Plein air sketching.

Monday morning I joined a local group of sketchers at an historic farmhouse on the banks of the Swan River. It was slightly cloudy but quite chilly sitting in the wind from the river. Actually it was quite cold for us here, probably about 10C which would make many of you smile at our winter temps. I was happy that I had packed my puffy Chamonix jacket so part of me was nice and warm. This was my first time painting plein air with a group and I really enjoyed the experience. I managed most of this sketch before I had to move out of the breeze, only needing to add the darks later at home.


Tranby House – watercolour – Arches 300g 25 x 19 cm

After moving to a more sheltered spot in the sun I tried a different view and managed to get one of the bicycles parked there before it disappeared.


Art Spectrum Sketch and Wash paper.

And finally, another landscape, although not plein air this time. This was painted from a photo posted by Charlies Mum for the 2 hour challenge on Wetcanvas. It was interesting going back to painting from a photo after the plein air experience. I approach the painting process very differently and realise how inhibiting using a photo is. I need to change my method in future and not be a such a slave to the photo. I messed too much with the foreground shadow unfortunately but I have learnt from this so it’s not all bad.


Arches 300g paper. 25 x 19 cm


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