183 Sketches from Edinburgh

This was a super quick sketch for the 2 hour challenge on Wetcanvas. I have seen and admired many sketches by other artists on toned paper, so I thought I’d try a quick gouache sketch with pen over. I saw this technique on another online tutorial by Marc Taro Holmes that I purchased recently. This tutorial is quick sketching people in motion but I did this from a photo posted by Triduana for the 2 hour challenge. Well, you have to start somewhere. I’ll have a go at figures on TV next before I try it on real moving people.


I’m now back home after a month in the city. It takes me a little while to catch up with things and get back in the groove.
Yesterday I decided I would do an amazing watercolour from a photo of Edinburgh Castle, once again posted by Triduana. I had a plan, even did a value sketch. Ha! What a disaster!! This watercolour lark is very humbling. I guess that’s why I keep on at it, it’s so unpredictable, for me at least. I did read somewhere that everyone has 100 – 1000 bad paintings/drawings in them and the only way to get through them is to paint/ draw them out. So I now have another off the list.

So confidence shaken, today I thought I’d just go back to my familiar stuff – sketchy pen and watercolor,with my wonderful new Winsor and Newton palette and a new Preppy Pen. I like this pen, my new favourite. It’s in my home made Fabriano cp journal (not new :))


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