186 Girl on a Swing and Meadow Flowers

Well I don’t know what happened to my post – all nicely written out and it disappeared?  Seems I’m having trouble with images and WordPress app today.

I was reading through some books loaned to me by my painting buddy and came across a portrait by Fealing Lin. Sorry I can’t include the link today. Just google her if you’re interested.  The colours she uses and her application are really something something. So all fired up I decided to have a go at a photo posted on Wetcanvas by ValriAry. I’m reasonably happy with it despite my heavy handed use of colour. She looks a little sunburnt. I will try a different palette next time.


And now for something completely different. A gouache landscape painted on some rather crappy paper out of my stockpile. As I’m only experimenting I dont really care too much about what I paint on. After the initial block in it didn’t seem to matter . This is taken from another photo by ValriAry.

After the initial block in.


After about an hour. Trying to establish some tonal contrast but I muddied the colours a bit.


After messing around for a bit longer with some splatters and pastel. I’m still unsure about this one. I’ll put it aside for a while to think about it. What do you think?

2015-08-10 16.50.34


2 thoughts on “186 Girl on a Swing and Meadow Flowers

  1. …the tonal contrast result is (for me) full of a liveliness and lightness which requires nothing else to make it better. So painting process picture #2 has a freedom and energy and spontaneity about it, and is full of movement. Thank you for providing the opportunity.

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