187 A DVD Kind of Day

We are in the depths of winter here and the weather has been miserable for the last week or so it seems. So today I did a paint a long  with one of my favourite pastel artists – Maxwell Wilks. He doesn’t have a Web site but you can see a trailer of the DVD on YouTube. I just love the colour and energy he gets into his paintings.

Heres todays effort, shamelessly copied from his dvd.


In my haste to start this I picked up the wrong paper but as it was only a practise session I kept going. This was on black gesso over rough watercolour paper that I probably had intended to use for gouache or acrylic.

While I’m not really fond of the messy nature of pastels I would love to use them for plein air painting when the weather improves, and when my painting buddy has time 🙂  I just need to remember to wear my old painting shirt to wipe the pastel on and a wet hand towel for my hands, and use the right paper!


5 thoughts on “187 A DVD Kind of Day

  1. There is no shame!! Copying is a great form of practice and mastery. I am a bit in and out with the pastels…I love the feel of a pastel piece but it is messy….best to be done outside or a place with a lot of ventilation…

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