188 Beach and Cyclamen

Last weekend the weather here was stunning, despite still officially winter. The temperature actually reached 24C on Saturday. Not bad for the south coast of  Australia. Positively spring like. So we packed a picnic lunch and headed to a nearby beach. There were a few other people there, enjoying the sunshine, fishing and picnicking.


I wanted to try out my new plein air set up. I picked up a filofax from a flea market for a few dollars, cut some sheets of watercolour paper to fit and clipped it to a foam core board.  I attached the palette with velcro tabs and cut a rough hole to insert the water container. One hand to hold the board and  the other free to paint. It worked fine.


Next day the weather decided to turn back to winter : (
So stuck inside again I decided to paint my cyclamen before it finally carks it. It has survived 2 years and despite being put outside to fend for itself over the summer it flourished again this year.

I painted this in a journal I made from Canaletto? paper but it doesn’t seem to take really wet washes. Maybe it’s better for pen and limited washes.



5 thoughts on “188 Beach and Cyclamen

  1. Beautiful beach scene. It hot as you know what here. Maybe I should go to the beach.

    Lovely bright flowers. “Carks it”? Never heard that phrase before but I assume it means the same thing as “kicks the bucket”.

  2. Love the splatter and the loose feel of the cyclamen, Ros, and the layer upon layer of distance in the beach scene. Why is it that I like looseness in someone else’s paintings – like your drips – but I so resist letting it happen in my own work?

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