189 That Pink Hat and Cyclamen

I think I have a problem. I suffer from ADD – Artistic Distraction Disorder. Each time I go into my painting room to clean up the mess from my last painting I get sidetracked and do something completely different instead. Or I have in mind to do a particular sketch and a different one grabs my attention. My problem is that I want to do it all and do it now.

At least I finished this sketch off today. It looked a bit bare at the bottom of the page so I added a quote from Charles Reid, an artist I admired right from the start of my watercolour journey.


And one I’m still working on with watercolour pencils. I rarely use them on their own, usually only as an addition over watercolours. But this makes for a tight drawing, not really what I wanted so I might play a bit with gouache as well.


Reference  photo by Oty for the Wet canvas 2 hour challenge.


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