191 Sketching with Gouache

I’m enjoying using gouache for sketching. This first little sketch was done using my homemade kit trying to do a cloud study out the window one morning before the rain started.


Then a doodle on a scrap piece of paper that had been used before. I love this type of messing about with paint while cleaning the palette but learning more about the different ways I can play with gouache at the same time. I quite liked the sketchiness of the ultramarine lines so I used this in the next sketch.


This sketch was inspired by a post on Karen Margulis’s blog about finding 10 minutes to paint. I have a stack of failed paintings on good paper I keep for messing around so I used one of these to do a loose ultramarine brush sketch outline. Using a larger brush I  quickly blocked in the main shapes in my allotted 10 minutes before work yesterday morning. I finished it off later in the day with extra details spending about an extra 20 minutes. A bit longer than the intended 10 minutes but fairly speedy for me and it was great practice.
Photo reference was by Helen for the 2 hour challenge on Wetcanvas.


I’ll try and do this more often as with each painting I’m learning how gouache behaves on different papers. I love gouache for its covering properties and the speed you can sketch with it…. and the easy cleanup.


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