192 Pastel Landscape

Some days I lack inspiration and I’ve been told one way to overcome this is to use a different medium. I really enjoyed the pastel I painted in post 187 so I thought I’d have another go using a different reference. Wetcanvas has a huge number of reference photos to use and I found one for this painting on the September Landscape challenge, posted by Sundiver.


40 x 28 cm Pastel on black colorfix primer.

I liked the method used by Mr Wilks so in my own way I muddled through. Here is where I started muddling 🙂


It really looks like a kids drawing here doesn’t it? It is fun scribbling like a kid though and it’s definitely one way to loosen up.
Then the next stage. I forgot to take any pics between these two – well it wasn’t really meant to be a work in progress post but I thought you might like to see where I started.


Just a few more tweaks to this for the finish. I think I’ve finished it for now but I’ll put it away and think about it.
I might need to get some more Black Colorfix as I think this would be a good way to do some plein air paintings,  as long as I remember to take along a damp hand towel to clean up after 🙂


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