193 Sketchbooks

It seems some weeks I struggle to get motivated with sketching…….. and posting. I’m trying to resurrect a large acrylic painting that I hid away disgusted with my inability to paint LARGE. It seems attempting to do something large and acrylic sucks out all my creativity and undermines my confidence.  I need a painting to fill some wall space and while I love some paintings I’ve seen while browsing endlessly online my budget doesn’t stretch that far. Maybe I’ll keep trying for something that pleases me eventually.

How do you get over that artistic hurdle?

So to appease myself that my time isn’t completely wasted I did a page in my sketchbook of the things that pleased me that week.


The three little lightweight machine stitched journals with different paper were for a gift to a friend about to embark on an extended trip around the country. Doing the “Lap of Honour”, as it’s called here : )
I included a little sketch of our local beach  so she will remember to come back. I attached it in the front so it won’t interfere with her sketches and is easily removed. 


I have also been trying to do a little homework for an online course on travel sketching with Marc Taro on Craftsy. I have enrolled in several of these courses and all I need is the time to do the homework and put them into practice. Each class has about 7 video lessons so it takes some time to get to watch them before even getting to the homework stage.  Gosh, who has time to get bored when there is art?

This is one of my homework attempts while walking one morning, grabbing 5 minutes for the line sketch then adding colour and extra linework at home.


I’m always looking at ways to make sketching on the spot easier for me so I glued up a little block of watercolour paper to fit my Koi palette which doubles up as a mini easel. Easy to hold in one hand so I can sketch with the other.



7 thoughts on “193 Sketchbooks

  1. Aww these are all wonderful and I love your Koi painting kit.
    I recently attended some demonstrations by Don Waters and he just applies the paint without any planning then decides which way is up and lets the painting tell him where to take it. AMAZING stuff. No mixing just pure colour applied direct to the canvas The only rule was to use good quality acrylics, he says using the cheap stuff makes you work 3 times as hard to get an ordinary result at best. Have a play and see what happens.

    • Christine thanks for your comments. I just love it when an artist says the painting tells them what to do. My paintings are non verbal and I have to nut it out myself. Lucky you getting to watch him. I will have another play and try something different.

  2. How lovely those little gift books are for your friend. And so is your work in the little books. May I suggest you take one of your original small sketches that you particularly love and xerox it, blow it up, and transfer the image onto the canvas. You can do that by – well, see my blog for transferring an image. You’ll need a good pencil and tracing paper, a spoon too. It’s easy. OK – then once you have the image transferred (you may have to do sections of it at a time, if the canvas is really big), paint! Don’t feel the need to go to all the edges. Start small, then go big! Hope this helps.

  3. These travel books are lovely! And the sketch of the beach is wonderful. You know, I have decided it’s okay to do what you do well and let the rest go, maybe in time it will come to you but if you aren’t enjoying it then perhaps it’s just not your thing. What you do create is so beautiful and inspiring to folks like me! Don’t beat yourself up for what feels uncomfortable, enjoy what you do well and let that grow!

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