194 Three different papers

Its been another week of fairly non productive stuff. It seems I’m jumping from one thing to another with no particular direction. Maybe I need to take a break from painting to recharge my battery.

Here are a few things I’ve been messing around with. First a small gouache figure painted over a failed watercolour on Arches cp paper. I love recycling so this is one way of getting more mileage out of expensive paper before it goes in the trash. I learn from all of these experiments and I’ve learnt that I like the way gouache goes on this paper.


The next little sketch was done on an outing with a friend to a local National Trust property. This was the original cottage built on the first farm to be settled in this area in the 1800s. Ink and watercolour pencils on Strathmore grey paper.


And finally a watercolour I did several weeks ago and forgot to post. This is on Fabriano cp paper, which at this stage is my favourite paper.
I added a little ink and watercolour pencil on this one too. I’m enjoying the combination of different mediums.



8 thoughts on “194 Three different papers

  1. A great pleasure to see your work this Sunday morning! Sometimes we need a break before taking other projects. But let me tell one thing: “You’re doing GREAT!” All the best, and keep painting, for our delight, among other reasons! πŸ™‚

  2. … and the recycling is a great idea! I understand you have more challenges on the second painting – time to step firmly on the pedal of creativity πŸ™‚

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