199 Puppies and Urban Sketching

I’m guilty yet again of neglecting my blog, but I have been away for a week and I’m no good at blogging on the road.  That’s my excuse anyway.

The night before I left I did a super quick sketch (for me) of some cute dogs posted on the Wetcanvas weekend challenge. First a 10 min contour sketch of the puppies trying to escape a bath, the a little colour splashed over. I thought the page looked  bit feeble so I added another dog with pen and watercolour pencil.


While I was in the city I  caught up with a friend for a spot of urban sketching at this old church. I forgot to note the details while I was there so google helped me out with them.


I do enjoy getting out to sketch and it is much more fun with a sketch buddy than going alone. I would like to do some gouache sketching too so today I trialed a new limited palette plein air set up with gouache – Magenta, Cyan, Yellow, white and black. Now I just need a super lightweight easel to go with it.
This was done in a Kraft paper journal 20 x 20 cm, which is actually a photo journal but I like being able to add pages of different papers.


From a photo on Wetcanvas by Dewi.


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