#200 Daily Diary

I’ve been searching for a nice little diary that I can use for jottings,  sketches,  practise stuff, whatever and I haven’t been able to find what I want. Then I remembered this little journal my sister bought for me when she was in Italy last year. I love the little book but was disappointed with the paper when I initially tried it with watercolour so I put it aside – along with many other partially used sketchbooks.

After my fruitless diary search I decided I could make my own and just use one page for a little sketch with gouache because I can use it with less water, or maybe watercolour pencils or markers. And to keep it simple and a bit of a challenge to use the gouache with only three colours, Cyan,  Magenta and yellow – and black and white of course.


The left hand page I drew some rough lines for my notes and to do list – the right hand for whatever I want for that day.


Because I’m using a limited palette I thought it was a good idea to at least start with a colour wheel. I love doing these with different media but thought I’d try some skin tones while I was at it. And some different fonts and pens. This way I’ll get to use them all and maybe decide which are my faves. At this stage I’m still trying to love my Lamy Joy fountain pen but at the moment the Preppy is my pick.


I understood the C Y M bit but never knew what the K stood for. K apparently is key.

Then trying out some lettering with a dip pen and gouache as opposed to a waterbrush.


All these pages I scanned rather than photographing them because I don’t have to wait for daylight. Can you tell the difference or is a photo just as good?

Also I have recently joined Instagram – not that I really know much about it but I’ll probably post most of these daily sketches there.  Clicking the small image on right will take you there ……I hope!


18 thoughts on “#200 Daily Diary

  1. Same dilemna here. I think i acquired 10 notebooks with the intention to write down thoughts or ideas. I bought a moleskin but it didn’t work well with my medium. So most of them are dusty and unused. Your idea of creating your own is really nice. 🙂

  2. Thank you for giving us a peek inside. I love the idea and have several little sketchbooks that are sitting empty…lovely gifts that haven’t worked for me yet. And the scanning is great solution when it’s dark instead of waiting for daylight. A simple solution that I never thought to do. Thanks~

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