#201 Weekly Sketches

Well I have been keeping up my daily sketches in my diary. One thing that I’ve found out is that real life is really boring. When it comes down to what I will be doing each day in my notes it’s simply stuff like shopping for food (which I dislike) housework (same) or gardening or watering (I’m not very keen on that either). My day to day life isn’t at all like what I see on social media, no glamming it at the races, theatres, dinners, sporting events or constant overseas holidays.

Being an introvert I am happy with my own space and a paintbrush for company. I do get out to have the occasional bush walk or stroll along the beach but that’s because it’s all only 5 minutes away. This image I found on facebook sums it up.


So here’s what my days are all about. The sketches are mainly gouache but sometimes a bit of pen and watercolour, and the images are all square because that’s how Instagram likes it. I’ve also only just found out what hash tags do.  I know I’ve  been living in the dark ages but I am learning. You know – Old dogs New tricks  : ) The desire to communicate also engenders the desire to learn.










13 thoughts on “#201 Weekly Sketches

  1. Boy do I “get” where you are coming from. The quote is so true. I love your sketchbook and how many different ways it works for you. And your gouache paintings, they are wonderful. Such a great way to keep the balance and reward the creative side!

  2. I look at your sketchbook with awe and envy, Everyday things so beautifully and simply captured. I wish I had the discipline to do it.
    I have heard the term hash tag so you are streets ahead of me where social media is concerned.

  3. Ros, I am Roxane from FB. So glad to discovery your blog and a kindred spirit at that! I relate well to the first image in this post! I am an introvert and find I really prefer the company of my art and writing over anything else. I would so like to find a sketch partner and I think I would venture out more often. I love the idea of the to do list (which is my survival method) paired with notes and sketches all in one place rather than in multiple places! I have a new sketchbook coming and it will be a great way to start off the new year. I think you would like this sketchbook… I am on my second. It opens flat, takes pen and inks beautifully, along with light washes of watercolor. It has many pages so I feel I can indulge my whimsy for lots of writing as well. http://www.amazon.com/Knock-Plumb-Notebooks-Stack-31016/dp/B00MEZ7DZ4/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1448202517&sr=8-3&keywords=plumb+stack+journal

  4. Thanks for sharing your sketchbook. I always get hung up on choosing a sketchbook/calendar book. I love how you have the information kind of things on the left side and the drawing on the right page. Is this the only book you use for a calendar of events? Do you go ahead and write upcoming events on the appropriate pages?

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