# 202 Forming the habit

I have read many times of the benefits of painting daily and I have tried to do it, but somehow I never seem to manage. A few days ago I bought Carol Marine’s Daily Painting book ……. on Kindle because I’m too impatient to wait the weeks it takes to get here. I do prefer a hard copy though. I’ve only read a little so far but it might be enough to get me more motivated.

Since I started this little diary the idea of a little scribble or sketch daily doesn’t seems too difficult. Sometimes it is a quickie and sometimes I get a little carried away and spend too much time on it, but that’s OK.  It’s all art related and I’m learning more about handling gouache in the process.

It’s also leading me into thinking more about what sort of art I’d like to do. I’m just marking time while sorting my thoughts out, so you might only see these little diary entries for a while.









19 thoughts on “# 202 Forming the habit

  1. Hello Ros, I recently discovered your blog and I really like it! Your sketches are wonderful, and it seems that you’re already improving your craft a lot all the time! The book you bought is simply fantastic. It really helped me progress this summer. But don’t put yourself under too much pressure with the daily painting. Not even CM paints every day! Greetings from Northern Germany! Antje.

  2. Love whatever you do, my friend! Reading your post, especially this one, is a pleasure. And that phrase on procrastination is a jewel! Thanks so much for your art, which is so good all the time!

  3. I love the little book idea. I am new to art journaling and get nervous staring at a larger blank page. Going to check out that book too! Thanks for sharing! Blessings!

  4. Ros, do you ever go back to the first of your 100 paintings and think about how far you have come since then? It’s been fun for me watching your art develop. And now, in this journal, I see you playing with calligraphy alongside the wonderful little paintings!

    • That’s a great thought Ruth. I might have to revisit some of my earlier posts.
      I do tend to jump all over the place wanting to try so many different approaches. Using this little book makes me want to experiment more without any pressure.

  5. I think your art is so wonder and has certainly inspired me to try different things including gouache! You are extremely talented and you book is so rich! I think we all have highs and lows in our creative development, usually its more in the mind and just getting beyond that door works wonders.

  6. Your little paintings are fantastic!! I use index cards…the lined side to journal, and the blank side to draw on. (The paper is too light weight to watercolor on…need to find a heavier paper!). Love your little book!! Will have to find something like that!!

  7. I love your little book and your honesty and I too prefer a hardcover, real book for such over a kindle, ereader, but sometimes my own impatienceness (word?) gets the worst of me. I recently ordered a facial expression book on my ipad and well, just not the same as a paper book, bleh! Your work is beautiful and fun and I hope I keep seeing more of it!! If not daily, then the best you can give!

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